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Before and Afters

This is proof that with the right training and advice any health and fitness goal is achievable.


Bobby Kular

I started Personal training with the intention to lose weight and build a little muscle, but also as a bet. i bet a friend that whoever gets a 6 pack abs first the loser has to buy two return flights around the world. When i saw Zak i thought i was relatively fit but how ignorant I was.


"There is no doubt in my mind that the trainers at Fitness Attitudes not only changed me physically but helped me mentally as well. The extra amount of energy I have for my wife and children is fantastic. The trainers pushed me to better myself and surpass what i even thought was possible.


One of my biggest hurdles was overcoming my addiction to chocolate and sweets and by eating healthy with a proper eating plan i found i wasn't even craving junk food not nearly as much everyday! 


I would recommend Fitness Attitudes to anyone that is looking for personal training and to change their lifestyle.


People do notice when you lose 17kgs :)



Before I started training with Zak I had been going to the gym and weight training for years however due to a toxic work situation I had put on a lot of weight and was lethargic and had back problems. I had started training with another trainer who I wasn’t happy with. When she left she suggested that I would prefer Zak’s style of training.  Zak worked on strengthening my back as well as total body conditioning and diet. With his encouragement I entered several body blitz competitions losing over 12 kilos and changing my shape and I haven’t had any more back problems.

While he is a tough trainer Zak knows how to train around clients injuries and encourage them when they lose focus. He has a wealth of knowledge about health and fitness and follows a healthy lifestyle and encourages his clients to do the same. I would highly recommend Zak and his team at Fitness Attitudes if you are serious about getting into shape.


Sue Delhaize

I lack the self-motivation to work out on my own so I searched for a personal trainer and found Zak – Fitness Attitudes. Although he’s a 20-minute drive away, I continue to train with him because he has proven to be an excellent trainer.


I feel extremely fortunate to have found Zak!  He truly cares about your personal well-being and is very supportive and motivating. I have had a personal trainer in the past, however Zak’s style and variety of exercises surpasses those of my previous trainer. He customizes the training to fit your personal goals and provides a personalized nutritional plan to help you maintain healthy eating habits.


The gym is nothing like the big chains. It’s small in comparison but unlike those facilities, this gym offers a sense of family. You get to know the people you work out with and build a network of good friends.

I can honestly say I look forward to training with Zak every week!


If you’re looking for a better quality of life with a trainer who is extremely knowledgeable and genuinely cares, then Zak is your man!


Harry Singh.



“Amanda Brown has been my personal trainer for the last two and a half years and I am still happily training with her. The exercises I do with her are always tailored to my ability and are designed to extend me gradually without injury. I have found her training to be very good for me as I have had both knee and shoulder injuries during this time and she has worked with me so strengthen the weakened areas. The routines she gives me are varied but still target the areas that need attention.

Amanda is a very good instructor. She has a very good knowledge of exactly how exercises should be done so injuries do not occur. She always pays attention to how I do the exercises and can immediately identify if an exercise is not being done correctly. She can pin point what is wrong with the way I do it and can articulate how to correct it. Over the years I have recommended both my husband and a friend to her and they are both very satisfied with the way she trains them. I would have no hesitation in recommending her not only to anyone who is recovering from an injury and requires help with rehabilitation but also to anyone looking for a good personal trainer.”             


Sonya Viner


Having had recurrent brachial plexus neuropathy over the last 10 years or so, I've been in and out of physiotherapy for a long time.  Generally after a few sessions of physio to get initial treatment and a rehab exercise program, I would then continue those exercises on my own.  But I always struggled with making sure I was doing those exercises properly, and with progressing from those basic exercises to more comprehensive programs.  As a result, I never really made a lot of progress.


Then I found Amanda.  Unlike many personal trainers, she is extremely focused on correct technique and form when doing exercises...even more so than some of the physios I've been to!  In my first session with her, I went from doing bench press with 80kg to 30kg, but I was actually doing the exercises correctly and could feel a real difference.  Over a few weeks with Amanda I started to feel muscles working together properly for the first time in ages.  She very effectively picked up where my physio had left off, making sure I understood how to perform each exercise properly and building them up into an integrated program. 


I'm now much further down the road, and Amanda is still adding a lot of value.  She keeps an eye on the fundamentals of proper technique, but is also challenging me with great new exercises.  I only see her once a week, but that's enough to keep momentum and make sure I'm doing things properly and getting the most from my workouts.

It's fantastic to finally be feeling stronger and like everything is working properly again. Amanda's a great PT and I can highly recommend her to anyone, but especially those people who are trying to bridge the gap between physiotherapy and getting back to full functionality in the gym.”  


Daniel Walsh


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