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       Personal Training

If you are looking for personal training in Perth or a personal training studio then this is the place for you. The studio have been specifically designed to put years of knowledge and experience to work in the best environment.

Our experianced personal trainers will get you the results you want, No waiting around, no queuing for equipment, no fooling around, no posers, just solid one on one training with a qualified and experianced trainer.

       Outdoor Training

If you’re more of a “group” type of person Fitness Attitudes outdoor group training is a perfect group fitness solution. By training with like-minded, motivated people you’ll have the feeling of team work and total support from your training instructors as well as your fellow members.

       At home training


We can train you in your home or your building's fitness center if you have one. You will receive an individual fitness assessment and an experienced and qualified personal training will spend time discussing any health concerns or injuries you may have, your short term and long term goals and the best way to achieve them. 

       Strength and Conditioning


If you are looking to be more competitive in your sport, whether it be your swing at golf or cricket, strike or cross at soccer, strength to mark that high ball in a pack, improve that backhand in tennis  or improve your run. We can help.

       Weight Loss and Nutrition


All our trainers are well placed and informed to help you with your weight loss and nutrition while you are training with us. We provide free nutritional advice to all our clients because we know the importance of a clean eating plan when you are training so hard to achieve your goals. We can always refer you to a dietician or a nutritionist if you have special requirements.

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